Action - Solitude

Espace Gregg et son GREGG webzine est heureux de vous inviter à participer aux projets de l'association BULLE PRODUCTIONS de France. L'action s'intitule 10 Grands moments de solitude. C'est un appel à films de tous genres autour de la solitude chez les personnes LGBT, ouvert à toutes et tous. Toutes la francophonie est invité à soumettre son film.
Send your movies!


Shoot and send your vision of loneliness.

Call for films of all genres, 15 minutes max.
10 great moments of solitude
Action against loneliness among LGBTQI people (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, intersex and queer) proposed by the Balloon Production Association.
When solitude the stars in our lives ...

Loneliness is often a leading partner in the journey of life for lesbians, gays, bis and transgender people. If no statistics, no studies exist to our knowledge on this subject should be conceivable that individuals stigmatized and discriminated more than anyone will experience isolation in their path.

Loneliness experienced during adolescence when the discovery of the difference and the lack of models which involve refer terrible loneliness in the majority of cases, the difficulty of building a stable relationship, age, disease and disabilities ... adds up to create a very favorable experience solitude soil.

It is also complex to discuss the situation for fear of stigma in the community environment, where solitude is denied and banished because carrier chess ...

First micro video testimonial posted. That of Martine Laroche:
Now up to you to take the lead!
If the subject is not glamorous and does not dream, we bet on the creativity of "directors / her in pictures," to which we propose to make a short film on the carrier of their choice, for a limited time 15 minutes, with or without production company.

The film will be made in the course of 2012/2013 year.

The only requirement? Express a singularity on the theme of loneliness that will captivate and hold our gaze and go along with it all the votes from our panel of professionals whose names we will soon.
jurors will be asked to pay particular attention to the different identities and social diversity that make up the world LGBT1. This choice, to highlight the identities in the selection of ten films, underscores our commitment to help people who might have to censor themselves and do not find the opportunity to participate in this type of competition, to be!

The top ten projects will be screened at a special event in public, in the presence of the jury, organizers and personalities.

Then, these films will be presented in French LGBT festivals, with debate fueled by various personalities, associations and artistic face in their careers, their activities, their work, loneliness and receive programming from a national broadcaster and intern et.

These fi lms will also support the organization of a conference on the theme of loneliness among LGBT, in partnership with several organizations.

Finally, the 10 short films selected will receive programming from a national broadcaster and the internet partner of the action.

On the web portal of 10 HIGHLIGHTS OF SOLITUDE!
Find the presentation of the action, the 2013/14 calendar, contest rules, entry form films, jurors, people who support us (giving us a moment of Solitude!).